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Colfax Sportsmen's Club P.O. Box 358   Colfax, Wi 54730

Steel Challenge Shooting

Welcome to the Steel Challenge page, we shoot at 5 steel reactive targets with the center fire / rimfire pistol or 22 semi-auto rifle of your choice.  You can enter and fire up to, two different classes for the series of stages to be fired that evening.  You will be added to the roster once for each class you have chosen to participate in. Each stage consists of 5 strings of 5 targets that follow the Steel Challenge Shooting Association designated courses of fire for each of the eight authorized stages.  Plan on approximately 100rds minimum, more if you miss for each class you choose to fire.  In place of the 18x24 inch plates we run 12x12 in plates so our stages can be a little more challenging.  Come out and join in, cost is $5.00 per person good guys and great fun.  Watch the range schedule we shoot every Thursday evening starting at 5pm.  We typically make it through 3 to 4 stages during the course of the evening.  
Trent with a clean run on Smoke and Hope

For more information on the shooting sports go to 

SCSA Stages: Steel Challenge stages and information

Five to Go
Outer Limits
Smoke & Hope
Speed Option

Pistol classes
CFP = Stock double stack production center fire
CFL = Double stack, center fire pistol with trigger modifications or extended magazines
CFO = Center fire Open, modified race gun, with Optics
RFI = Rimfire Iron sights
RFO = Rimfire Optical sights
RFRI = Rimfire rifle Iron sights
RFRO = Rimfire rifle Optical sights
REV = Revolver"
CFSS = Stock single stack 1911's

Centerfire starts from the holster,  the holster must cover the trigger and be carried external on a belt at waist level. (you can opt out of this, and shoot from the aiming stake like rimfire. However, all matches for record must start from the holster for center fire)  Drawing from concealed carry is not allowed.
Rimfire pistol and rifle starts from the aiming stake.
5 magazines or speed loaders are recommend or assistance from other members in loading during the stage to keep the flow moving.
Questions regarding Colfax steel challenge can be sent to   guidedfishing@yahoo.com

May 15th 2014
Steel challenge opening night, 4 steel challenge stages fired.  Depending on the size of the group and number of squads we will complete 3 to 4 stages each Steel Challenge night.
* Non-steel challenge match stages

Course of fire August 21st:
Good rehearsal by the RO's and the support personnel, tables, targets brackets are ready.  See everyone on Saturday the 23rd.

Saturday August 23rd:
Reminder Head to Head Bowling pin for centerfire, and Pin head for .22 rimfire on Saturday the 23rd of August, See events for more information.  See you there.  Proceeds go to new Steel Challenge targets.  We will run a junior division in the .22 rifle class for those 15 years old and younger.

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